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the united states and japan. allen, that represents well over 25 aircraft and that represents about half of the 787s now flying that boeing has made so boeing has a lot of explaining to do and a lot of work trying to nail down these problems. >> better to do that and be safe. all right, len. >> reporter: absolutely. >> thank you. >>> jim harbaugh and colin kaepernick are joining the long list of 49ers who have graced the cover of "sports illustrated." now, most say that is a huge honor, but others tell cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman it's also a curse. >> reporter: the top sports star of the week usually graces the cover of "sports illustrated" and this week who else, it's colin kaepernick. >> i mean, it was something i didn't expect. kind of surprised me. but i mean, it's a great honor. >> reporter: an honor and a curse? >> i think colin kaepernick should be concerned that he is on the cover of "sports illustrated" magazine. >> reporter: it's the curse of the cover. throughout its almost 60 year history covers have had trouble following their moment o
chapters all throughout the united states and as well as new zealand, canada, and what we're trying to do is just represent the 9er fan base and get the word out there because we're tired of the little raider nation on the other side of the bay so 9er empire is bigger than a nation so that's how we started it. >> reporter: joe leonor, those are fighting words. you honor the greats, coach bill wall,joe montana, dave wilcox my era from the '70s, ronnie lott, hugh maclainey. you also to be in this you have to take the pledge. >> yes. >> so tell me the pledge. what's the pledge? >> it's what the 9er fan base is all about. >> i pledge my faithfulness to the 9ers and their hall of famers for which they stand, one nation which we cross out because we know who that is, under an empire invisible with five rings soon to be six and domination overall. >> you came up with the pledge yourself? >> yeah. i have a lot of time on my hands. [ laughter ] >> reporter: what do the people in new zealand tell you? are they watching games eight hours later? >> yeah.
, meaning if it takes 120 units to graduate an in-state student who completes 160 units but doesn't have a degree would have to pay out of state tuition. >> and if you do flunk and want to take a course over a couple more times that ought to be on your nickel, not the college's. >> reporter: the governor also previously suggested cutting funding for some research but today say it's a school's decision where to cut. >> i will leave that to the people here. >> reporter: but the governor's plan calls for stipulation like more online courses and junior college transfers. things cal state says it's already working on. and although changes will be made to cal state's budget in the next six months, two things won't change: the price of tuition, and everyone here won't get what they want. >> it's a tight ship we're running here and it's going to get tighter. >> reporter: joy benedict. >>> now to super bowl xlvii. the big easy is getting ready for the big game. less than two weeks before the 49ers take on the ravens. new orleans is transforming jackson
nottingham shows us the conversation quickly turned to gun control. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: president obama used the last press conference of his first term to call out republicans who are threatening not to raise the debt limit. >> so to even entertain the idea of this happening of the united states of america not paying its bills is irresponsible. it's absurd. >> reporter: republicans want drastic spending cuts in exchange for increasing the amount the government can borrow but the president says he will not have the debt ceiling tied to the bills congress has already wrapped up. >> what i will not do is to have that negotiation with a gun at the head of the american people. >> reporter: the debt ceiling deadline is just one of three budget showdowns the white house and congress face in the coming months. house speaker john boehner said if lawmakers don't tackle the debt and spending at the same time it will cost jobs. in a statement, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said the president and his allies need to get seri
by the mountain view police department and the district attorney's office cold case units that was established to years ago. in that time, they've made four cases including one conviction. reporting live in san jose cbs 5. >>> other headlines. three members are sworn to serve as oakland city council members. they come from different backgrounds but all agree public safety is top ply yourty. the first council holds the first meeting january 22nd. >>> oakland international airport had to be closed today so crews could make emergency repairs to one of the run ways. the shut down caused short delays to arriving and departing flights, no cancellations. the run way opened just before 1:00 this afternoon. >>> you've heard of drive through restaurants but not like this. it's amazing no one was killed. in livermore, an suv plowed flu this restaurant. >> reporter: it was amazing. the diners were inside the cafe. they say all of a sudden they heard a squealing noise, somebody accelerating. you can see the marks as thest i which a laid slammed through the conscious
to go. >> cofounder says this is the longest running freedom train in the united states. on its 29th year. >> it is good to have people realize that there are so many other people that also have the concern about having a more racially just society. >> a lianoid san jose's diridon started early. >> had it not been for him making all the steps he made and doing all the things he did, i don't feel like this would be possible. we wouldn't have the freedom we have now. >> speakers on the train tin collude teresa cox and u.s. marshals talked about the impact oned to's world. the route goes for 54 miles, the same distance king and a group of activist marched to the steps of the capital of montgomery campaigning for voting rights. today, the nation's first black president was sworn in for a second term. >> a double sell brought martin luther king has his dream. black president for the second term. we're all celebrating together, all national this. >> in san jose, elissa harrington cbs 5. >>> a terrifying crime in this block. the chilling chain of event
eaten away quickly. >> reporter: which brings us to tip 2. save, save, save. according to the united states federal reserve, americans on average only save 3.6% of their income. what we should be saving upwards of 10%. and if you are counting on social security, plan on socking away 12 times your current income too. because getting old can get expensive. >> i have seen clients pay upwards of $13,000 a month for round the clock care in their homes. it's very expensive. >> reporter: and then there's housing. bringing us to tip number 3. you shouldn't spend more than 25 percent of your income on where you live. a tall order here in the bay area. but keeping this rule of thumb in mind might help you stash some cash into your 401(k) or ira. >> cheers! >> reporter: this couple rents two bedrooms of their home to offset their mortgage and help them reach their financial goals. >> stay in the house and retire here and burn that mortgage paper. >> reporter: and they talk money every saturday in an effort to track their progress. >> we're acutely aware of what's in our accounts and when we dec
fastest growing countries of immigration to the united states right now are china, taiwan and korea. >> all right, len ramirez in san jose, thank you. >>> the majority of americans are backing president obama's proposal to reduce gun violence. that's according to a cbs news/new york times poll out today. it shows a significant jump in support after the shooting in newtown, connecticut. and now california is on the fast track to pass stricter laws of its own not only on guns but ammunition, as well. >> there's an unprecedented amount of energy on this issue. >> reporter: energy that's being channeled into state bills targeting stricter gun laws here in california. there are already two bills focusing on ammunition sales. [ indiscernible ] has introduced a bill to require permits for people who want ammo. then you can buy ammo. >> reporter: the business sb53 just introduce -- the bill, sb53, just introduced would apply the same regulations to bullets purchases as to guns. currently you can buy ammunition in most parts of the state without
places in the united states that has above ground burials. >> there is a rumored voodoo queen in the cemetery marie laveau. people come from around the world to see her tomb. >> this is the second most popular graveyard destination. after graceland, it's one of those things that makes new orleans unique. >> it's more than a cemetery that draws me here. i probably been sitting here for an hour sketching. you start to notice things. this is where people's family members are buried. is it peaceful? is it a place that people want to come and spend time? or is it kind of spooky? i think it's a little bit spooky. it's not a place i want to come after the sun went down but that's kind of what's special about it. >> we have a very unique relationship with the dead. >> it's peaceful. i would invite people to visit and experience it for themselves. >> sports director dennis o'donnell, vern glenn, michelle griego and mike sugerman will bring us reports from new orleans throughout the week. >>> a faithful bay area fan wins a free trip to the super bo
in this part of the united states -- and they talk about how much work it was and ordering all these matches. >> reporter: and then at around 10 p.m., this was lit on fire on purpose and got out of control causing $5,000 in damage. it's part of an exhibition called they hate us for our freedom. here's another part of that demonstration. we found this video on youtube. here's the artist claire fontaine. she didn't want to speak on camera nor did the gallery owner citing a criminal arson investigation. but neighbors weighed in. >> i mean, i get it. i think it's an interesting piece for sure. i think it makes its point. >> reporter: the fire department sees it differently. >> kids don't have to play with matches, so just don't do it. guy just didn't know what he was doing. he shouldn't have did what he did. but again, it's out of our hands. the police are investigating with the city attorney. >> reporter: ultimately, it will be up to the district attorney to decide whether or not to file criminal charges. in san francisco, anne makovec, cbs 5. >>> all ri
, some hospitals are having to push patient away. others are setting up triage units in tents outside. nearly every state is reporting widespread flu activity. medications like tamiflu are in short supply, and cbs 5 reporter ann notarangelo tells us this is just the beginning. >>> reporter: five-year-old isaac got his flu shot none too soon considering flu season has hit california. >> there's no question that our emergency rooms are filling up, that our hospitals are filling up. we're seeing more and more diagnoses in the hospital for pneumonia, influenza. >> reporter: the flu season had its earlier start in decades beginning in the southeast spreading across the country in a deliberate fashion. 18 children have died so far this season. last year, there were a total of 34 pediatric deaths. but in the 2009-2010 pandemic, there were more than 200 deaths. it's not clear how badly we'll get hit this year. >> the primary strain is this h3m2 influenza strain which tends to be a more serious strain. >> reporter: it's also similar to the bug that hit us i
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11